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Parents' Campaign

Virtual Rally for Public Education

Wednesday, January 7


Have you told your friends about the virtual rally for public education?

Next Wednesday, we have a chance to prove that when Mississippi kids need us most, we will be there for them in droves!

The Parents' Campaign is partnering with a whole host of education and community groups to organize a #HandsOff42 VIRTUAL RALLY on Wednesday, January 7, to stop the pro-privatization crowd from denying our children adequate funding for their schools!

Education supporters can use their smart phones, computers, or other devices to "message" legislators in every way possible. When we all email, call, tweet, Facebook, Instagram...you name it...they won't be able to ignore us any longer. Although we won't be there in person, our message will reach the Capitol loudly and clearly! Why do we need a rally? See details at the bottom of this email.

Would your group like to join us in promoting this important event? The more, the merrier; we'd love to have you! Click here for a flyer to share with your group.

Here's What We Need for You to Do Now

  • Spread the word! Help ensure an overwhelming response by recruiting friends, family, and coworkers to join us. They can sign up for our emails here. Find a flyer promoting the rally here.
  • Write your email, tweets, text messages, Facebook posts, etc., and have them ready to go for Jan. 7. Find contact information for legislators and the leadership here - it includes email, phone, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Use the #handsoff42 graphic linked here
  • Set up Twitter and Instagram accounts if you don't have them already. Easy instructions are here and here.

Have an Idea to Share?

What good ideas do you have to help us promote the rally and engage more people? Whom can you help us reach? What groups can you engage? What are you hearing from your legislators? We'd love to hear from you - shoot us a reply! 

Not Available on Wednesday, January 7? No need to miss out.

Click here to find the information you need to email, call, Facebook, tweet and Instagram your legislators today!

Spread the Word!

I'll send reminder emails next week. In the meantime, keep spreading the word. Tweet about it, share it on Facebook, text your friends, tell your Sunday school class. How many people can you get to join us? With your help, we can send a clear message about the kind of state we want Mississippi to be - one that won't turn its back on our kids!



In case you missed my email last week announcing the rally, here's the explanation for "why" we need the #HandsOff42 Virtual Rally...

Time to Stop the Plan to Kill Our Amendment

Sources in the know say that a plan to kill Initiative 42, - the Better Schools, Better Jobs school funding amendment so many of you worked tirelessly to promote - is being hatched by a few politicians who are determined to defeat any effort to hold them accountable for the level of funding they provide our public schools. 

They apparently were aghast that more than 200,000 Mississippi taxpayers would sign petitions insisting that Mississippi provide decent funding for our children's education. Some leaders have been quoted as saying that they object to the amendment because it would diminish their authority - power that they want to remain unchecked. Which is exactly why our founding fathers created a three-branch system of government that protects us from just such a power grab: a few government officials running roughshod over the people they are supposed to serve.  

The anti-public school crowd has been working overtime to promote a convoluted misinformation campaign in its attempt to defeat the people's amendment, Initiative 42. Now, a few in legislative leadership positions are joining their scheme, threatening to employ a never-before-used maneuver to doom the people's amendment before the public ever has a chance to vote on it. Their maneuver would place on the ballot - alongside the people's amendment - a phony legislative alternative, with a goal of confusing the issue and making it impossible for either amendment to garner enough votes for passage.

Most Legislators Agree With Us

The truth is that most of the rank and file legislators agree with us that public schools should be adequately funded. But they need our help to stand up to the tremendous pressure from the powerful privatization forces that intend to dismantle public education and use Mississippi classrooms for their own profit streams.

Legislators need to hear from us. They need to know that we want them to vote NO on a legislative alternative - a phony alternative designed to kill the people's amendment. Legislators need to know that if they support the people's amendment, they will have the people's support.







Click here to download the Flyer


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Renew Your MAGC Membership

It is time again for members to renew their MAGC Membership. Not only does membership in MAGC help provide the services listed below, but a strong membership is vital when lobbying for the rights of the gifted in Mississippi.

We now have made it easier than ever to join or renew you MAGC membership Online!

Please take a few minutes and renew today!


MAGC provides.....

  • An annual conference for teachers and families of gifted children
  • Student scholarships and teacher grants
  • Workshops and training for parents and teachers
  • Opportunities for teachers and parents to network and form support groups
  • Assistance to local parent affiliate groups
  • Publications for teachers and families of gifted children

$25 pays for membership through Sept. 30, 2014



Thank You for Making the 2014 Conference a Success!

See Conference Page for Highlights!

Coming Soon!



New Parent Membership Offer!

Thank you for your continued support in gifted education and sharing with those in your state, information and resources offered by the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC).

I would like to remind you of the opportunity extended to your state association’s new parent members.  If they are a member of your state association, they can become an affiliate parent member of NAGC for $15 for one-year.  This is a 50% discount off the regular rate of $30 per year.

This 12-month NAGC membership entitles the recipient to receive four print issues of Parenting for High Potential (PHP) PLUS four digital issues! In addition, parent members receive access to all of the resources on the parent section of the NAGC website. We continue to reinvigorate existing resources, as well as design new resources aimed at this important audience.

Here is what’s involved:

  • To participate, the NAGC State Affiliate must be current in their annual membership. The membership year for affiliates runs September 1-August 31.
  • NAGC Affiliate agrees to distribute applications to potential parent members only and to verify affiliate status in affiliate before sending the applications and payment on to NAGC.
  •  NAGC agrees to cover the costs and labor of printing and mailing 4 issues of PHP to each new parent member, and to include these parents in the national database to receive other member services as appropriate.
  • At the end of the one year State Affiliate Parent Membership, we will contact the individual directly to renew as an NAGC Parent Associate Member.
  • No money will be refunded for parents who are already members of NAGC.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact Adriane Wiles at 202.785.4268 or by email at awiles@nagc.org




Gifted Education in Mississippi

          Mississippi has a mandate to serve intellectually gifted students in grades 2-6.  In addition, school districts are permitted to serve intellectually gifted students in 7th and 8th grades and in other areas of gifted eligibility (creatively gifted, artistically gifted, and academically) in “permissive programming” at the discretion of the school districts.

          Gifted education funding falls under the Mississippi Adequate Education Program (MAEP).  Currently it is lumped in with the funding for special education and vocational education to be used at the discretion of the school districts. 

For additional information about gifted education in Mississippi, visit the Mississippi Department of Education website at  www.mde.k12.ms.us.

For more information about advocating for gifted education in Mississippi, visit the website of the Mississippi Association for Gifted Children at www.magcweb.org 



For additional information regarding this event, contact Michael Cox, MAGC Legislative Chairman, at hcsdgifted@hotmail.com, or Carol Paola, MAGC Executive Director, at cwp1gab@aol.com.





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MAGC Assessment Overview Update





Here is a great editorial from WLOX in South Mississippi on how important Gifted Education is to Children in Mississippi.

Please Watch!

Here is a link to the written Editorial on WLOX's Website

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The Mississippi Children's Museum is a wonderful field trip destination. Here is a link to a video by Gail Hammond. Click Here for Video.

Click here to visit the Mississippi Children's Museum.


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"Outstanding intelligence is present in children and youth from all cultural groups and all economic strata."
--National Excellence: A Case for Developing America's Talent (1993)



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